Senior Advisors

Prof. George Earl (Bond University – Gold Coast, Aus)
Former Dean, Institute of SD and Architecture

When it comes to the social dimension of sustainability, particularly with regard to housing issues and the built environment, few know the terrain as well as Dr. Earl. He champions projects that align the needs of people, planet and prosperity, and has the know-how to deliver. Over 20 years, he developed and managed $4 billion in office towers, retail centres, housing estates & resorts, and he has applied over $5.3 million in research grants to study better design for indigenous communities and elder care and low-income housing—all of which helps him bring an intensely practical mindset to this and makes him one of Australia's most respected authorities in the field of property development economics.

Also, a key Vermillion priority is to attract and translate industry data so that teachers and students can build quality case studies in order to scale industry-specific best practices. As Dean of Bond University’s Institute of Sustainable Development and Architecture, and as the author of 4 software packages for the property sector, George is uniquely positioned to help refine Vermillion analytics for these wider applications.

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